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Below you'll find information on events, programs, specials and more!

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Hours for Arlene Myers Licensed Acupuncturists

If you are looking for an acupuncture appointment, Arlene is available per this schedule:


first appt 9am to the last appointment at 4pm


first appt 9am to the last appointment at 4pm


first appt 11:00 to the last appointment at 5:00pm

first appt 9:00 to the last appointment at 12:30pm

We suggest that if you have regular appointments (i.e., weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) we encourage you to book ahead to help you obtain the times and days that are convenient for you.

Please call the office at 508.539.0299 to make an appointment.

Free Talk - Learn About Wellness Coaching

Special lecture/discussion
Thursday October 17th
11 AM-12:30 PM

Got health or wellness goals but can't seem to get started or get the desired results?
Maxine Bornstein, a Board Certified Holistic Nurse Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, and Nurse Preceptor from Emmanuel College in Boston, will present this informal discussion on the benefits of health & wellness coaching and how it works. 

Please RSVP to reserve your spot. No fee.

Presented by
Maxine Bornstein, RN, MS, HWNC-BC, AHN-BC, CIH, Reiki Master/Teacher
Certified by the International Nurse Coach Association (INCA)

Learn more about Wellness Coaching at ReikiByTheSea.com

Contact Maxine at 508.292.5258 or maxine@ReikiByTheSea.com

Free Reiki Clinic - Come Join Us!

Please come join us Thursday Oct 24th 5-7 PM - here at the office

Reiki is a gentle form of hands-on healing that promotes harmony and balance, resulting in your improved health and well-being. It is a safe, natural therapy that addresses all levels of your being - energetic, mental, emotional, and physical.

Benefits of coming:

  • learn a little about Reiki
  • meet with Maxine for a brief period and ask any questions
  • receive a mini 15 min Reiki treatment 
  • it is all free

You don't need to make an appointment for a time, but an RSVP that you are coming is very welcome and appreciated. 

If you are a practitioner, please feel free to come give and receive Reiki in a casual atmosphere of friendship and positive energy. 

Facilitated by Maxine Bornstein, RN, MS, HNC, CIH, Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner 508.292.5258


We Have Text Appointment Reminders

We offer text appointment reminders! Now you can choose if you want to continue to receive your reminder for your upcoming acupuncture appointment by phone call or switch to text messages. 

If you want to switch to text reminders, just let Suzette know. We hope this feature is convenient for you. You will continue to get phone reminders unless you tell us otherwise.

For appointment cancels/changes - it is still necessary to call us. We do not monitor our text phone so if you respond by text to cancel or change the appointment we will not receive it!

Shop Metagenics Online
Acupuncture & Associated Therapies is happy to offer you a way to purchase items online, from manufacturers that we use in the office, and have them shipped directly to you. 

We have set up specific accounts with these manufacturers to bring you as many benefits as possible. 

See complete instructions and special web addresses here

If you have any questions about what to order you can talk to Arlene at your next appointment.