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As of June 22, Our Office Is Open Again

We've implemented many changes for the safety of our patients and practitioners.

Important changes and instructions are below and will continue to get updated as needed to keep yourself safe as well as the health of others.

Arlene will be working in the office without office staff on Mondays and Thursdays. She will be booking appointments, doing patient treatments and delivering herbal supplements. 

Hours for Acupuncturist Appointments

Arlene will be working limited hours in the office. 

No office staff.

Arlene Myers, Lic. Ac. Hours

Monday and Thursdays
 - shorter hours, by appointment only

Arlene is forming a waiting list of people who would like appointments. If you would like to be on that list either call the office at 508.539.0299 and leave a message with your name and phone number or email the office at AcupunctureCapeCod@comcast.net.

Arlene will get back to you to schedule a time to see you. I can imagine that many people are ready for a "tune-up" and it will be wonderful to see everyone.


David Carter, Lic. Ac. 

Check back
 - Our new acupuncturist, David will be starting in the office very soon. We will make an email announcement and post his hours here once we've worked out his schedule.

Herbal Pharmacy Services During Covid-19 - Updated July 8 2020

It is important to keep taking your herbal formulas. Please read these instructions carefully. They will continue to be updated as needed.

NEW: You are now welcome to come in - with your mask on- and pick up your order. See details below.

Ordering and Picking Up Herbal Supplements

-- To order herbal supplements please email Arlene at AcupunctureCapeCod@Comcast.net with your request

--Please do it well ahead of when you need items as some items may need to be ordered

--Arlene will give you an amount due. If you write and bring a check...it may be faster (as she will be seeing patients in the office). 

--Arrange with her what day/date you will pick them up (Monday or Thurs) 

--You are now welcome to come in to pick up your order - mask is mandatory. There are not typically other people waiting in the office. Arlene will most likely be with a patient in a treatment room. Feel free to say hello then wait.  

-- If you don't feel comfortable coming in, let Arlene know so you can determine the best solution for you.

--Your items can be mailed to you for an additional fee

--We have stopped the texts - please do not try to text the office or wait for a reply...we are no longer texting 

--Arlene is the only one working in the office, so please be patient and allow a bit of extra time

Appointment Reminders Update

During this phase of re-opening the office, there will be

--NO office staff
--NO reminder calls
--NO reminder texts 

Plus we no longer have a device for texts. Please do not send any texts or expect any responses by text.

If you were receiving appointment reminder texts before....you will go back to receiving calls once we resume reminders.

For appointment cancels/changes - it is necessary to call us.

Shop Metagenics Online
Acupuncture & Associated Therapies is happy to offer you a way to purchase items online, from manufacturers that we use in the office, and have them shipped directly to you. 

We have set up specific accounts with these manufacturers to bring you as many benefits as possible. 

See complete instructions and special web addresses here

If you have any questions about what to order you can talk to Arlene at your next appointment.