Now You Can Shop Online

Acupuncture & Associated Therapies is happy to offer you a way to purchase select items online, from manufacturers that we use in the office, and have them shipped directly to you. While we stock some items in the office, this is a way for you to have access to their full product line and manage your own account.

We have set up specific accounts with manufacturers to bring you as many benefits as possible. If you have any questions about what to order you can talk to Arlene at your next appointment.

Please use the correct site links below and if needed, use the appropriate code that enables you to connect with the accounts that I have set up for you.

Metagenics - direct link to the Arlene Myers Store (no practitioner code needed)

Whether you currently use Metagenics products & supplements or Arlene suggests them as part of your treatment plan, they have a full line of science-based products for health and vitality. 

1) When you go to the site you'll want to use the "purchase products from your practitioner" box in the upper right corner.

2) You can create an account, keep track of your orders and receive FREE SHIPPING (yes free shipping) directly to your home. 

3) Plus get 10% off items you use regularly when you set them up as a recurring order 

4) You receive 20% off your first order - so make it count!!!

If you ever need to shop and don't have the link above, you can still go to but you must use practitioner code AATCapeCod