Bring Forth Our Balance & Wholeness - Channeling & Experiential Astrology

A Series with Cinda Crull & Debra Avery

June 16 6:30-8:30pm

Join us for an evening of healing & empowerment to take your Next Step

Our 3rd and final gathering will occur before the Summer Solstice, the moment of greatest light in the Northern Hemisphere. In this light of awareness we may have noticed repetitive patterns that continue to plague us - outdated patterns that seem to prevent us from living the lives we desire. 

The Next Step - Balancing the Individual with the Collective

Friday June 16     6:30 - 8:30pm

We will call upon the planetary energies available to us at this time. 

Receive a group channeling to address issues of choice & freedom vs limitation. 

Engage the energies of Venus & Mars, Jupiter & Saturn to support balance. 

Receive responses to our individual questions from Cinda's teachers regarding our most limiting patterns and how to best address them.

Pre-registration is required - $ 30 per person (cash/check)
Feel free to attend even if you didn't attend earlier sessions.

Classes will be held at Acupuncture & Associated Therapies, Deer Crossing, Mashpee, MA

For questions or registration contact either
Debra Avery 508.314.1924 ~ 
Cinda Crull ~ 774.327.8884 ~

Celebrate Summer By Exploring The Fire Element
A new series of classes with Arlene Myers & Debra Avery

Session #2: Saturday June 24th 9 -11:30am

As we continue our year-long exploration of the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine, the second class in our series brings forth the excitement and passion of the Fire Element. 

Addressing how to live in greater harmony with the seasons by increasing our understanding of the elements, their correspondences and following the cycles of nature, together we can generate the energies necessary for the fast and fiery pace of summer. 

This year Arlene Myers and Deb Avery join together each season to present a multi-faceted exploration of the Element and its components. For those of you who want to have a basic understanding of Chinese medicine theory, these sessions present each element in a fun, interactive and memorable way.  

Session #2: FIRE ELEMENT

Saturday June 24th 9-11:30am 

Here at Acupuncture & Associated Therapies

If you wish to recharge your Fire Power this class is for you! Arlene and Deb will engage you in discussion and experiences involving the Elements and particularly the four "officials" of the Fire Element. And we may have a few surprises as well! 

Pre-registration is required. $ 40 per person. Class size limited.

Please register by calling the office Mon-Thurs 508-539-0299   

Reiki I Class with Maxine Bornstein, RN, MS, HNC, CIH

OCT 28 Saturday 9-5pm & OCT 29 Sunday 10-2pm

This is a beginners class open to anyone interested in learning the practice and principles of Reiki. It includes 4 Reiki Attunements. You will learn the history of Reiki as well as the hand positions and techniques for self treatments. You'll have an opportunity to practice offering Reiki to others on both the Reiki table and chair. Participants will receive a manual and a Reiki I certificate upon completion. 

Fee: $ 250

Pre-registration is required.

To register or for more information, please call Maxine directly at 508.292.5258 or

Reiki Classes

Classes are Facilitated By Maxine Bornstein or Debra Avery

Reiki is taught in a series of levels, each builds on the knowledge and experience of the previous level. Reiki is simple to learn and use. It does not take a specific knowledge base or belief system. Class descriptions are below.

Acupuncture & Associated Therapies is fortunate to have two Reiki Master Teachers, Maxine Bornstein and Deb Avery, trained in the Usui System of Natural Healing.

Reiki works with our body, mind, and spirit. It is a gentle self-help tool to help us reduce stress and promote relaxation and balance. Learning it for self-treatments or for practitioner work can be done by anyone.

Class information will be listed below when there is one being offered. Check back again or join our newsletter to get updates!

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy - Offered by Lauren Fox, FNP, NC

Lauren is available to see patients for homeopathic consults and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement evaluations at Acupuncture and Associated Therapies the first weekend of each month. Call her directly at 413.535.6022 to make an appointment.

Considering the use of bio-identical hormone replacement treatment? While it is natural for hormones to decline and eventually cease to be produced (in both men and women), it is NOT natural to replace them. However many individuals can benefit greatly from hormone replacement.

Lauren uses bio-identical hormone replacement when other complementary health methods have proven unsuccessful. Bio-identical hormones are hormones that mimic the body's hormonal composition and function; they are naturally extracted from plants, soy, and yams.

Flyer with detailed information. (PDF)

*If you need a PDF document reader/print out utility, download the Acrobat reader from the Adobe Web site. It's free.